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This is the Internet domain of Ian Kaplan and Bear Products International. At Bear Products International we specialize in well engineered and extensively documented large scale software projects. These include:

These web pages have been growing since 1995, when was first registered. They now cover a variety of topics. A portfolio of work spanning much of Ian's career as a software engineer is showcased here. Other topics of more general interest are included as well. The hyper-linked nature of web pages encourages organic growth. We have tried to tame this growth and fit it into categories, but it always seems that a clearer hierarchy could be built. Look around. We hope that you will find something of interest.


For a discussion of why Alexa statistics may be questionable see the Slashdot article by Commander Taco. Taco's point is that back-in-the-day only the clueless would install something like the Alexa toolbar. Alexa claims to collect statistics from a large of browser plugins in addition to site analytics, so perhaps Alexa is better than it was.